Pool Rules


Pool Phone Number: 412.967.0328

Club Office Phone Number: 412.963.8331


Health and Safety Rules

Use of Pool by Children

Guest Rules



1. Use of the pool is permitted only when a life guard is on duty. Weather permitting, regular pool hours are Monday through Sunday, 11:00am until 8:00pm; Friday the hours are from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm. Holidays hours are 11:00am until 7:00pm. During pool events, the pool will not be available for general member use. Please check the pool bulletin board, the website or app for any changes in schedule.

2. All members, including each family member, must sign in when entering the pool area. Members must also sign in their guests at this time.  This is a state law.

3. Members and guests must abide by all swimming pool rules that are posted at the pool. The pool staff is authorized to expel from the pool area anyone who fails to cooperate in maintaining safety and respect for others in enjoying the pool.

4. Facilities are available for proper changing. Proper cover-ups are required when entering and leaving the parking lots. Swimsuits are not proper attire near the clubhouse, except at the snack bar and its immediate vicinity. Swimsuits must be worn at the pool deck and not on the tennis or clubhouse deck.

5. Diving is permitted only when the water is more than five feet deep. Running dives are not permitted. Diving or jumping off the side of the diving board is not permitted. Please allow one bounce on the board per dive. One person is permitted on the diving board at a time.

Health and safety rules

1. Anyone known to be a carrier or suspected of being infected with a communicable disease, eye, nose or throat infection, skin disease, and/or open cuts or sores, will NOT be admitted to the swimming pool area. This is a state law.

2. Glass containers are NOT permitted in the pool area; however, drinks in plastic or paper containers are acceptable. Food consumption is confined to the snack bar area. All rubbish is to be disposed of in trash receptacles.

3. Babies must wear plastic enclosed diapers and a bathing suit to use of either pool.

4. The club manager determines whether the pool remains open on days when the temperature does not reach 68 degrees and during inclement weather. Please check at the pool or call the pool office at 412.967.0328 before dropping off your children since the pool could be closed with little or no notice to the membership.

Use of pool by children

1. At the beginning of the season, parents must complete an emergency card for their children.

2. Parents are responsible for supervision of children in the pool area at all times.

3.Only children 8 years and under are permitted in the baby pool.

4. All children 12 years and under must be accompanied at all times in the pool area by an adult. Baby sitters must be at least 12 years of age; this includes members' children watching younger siblings. Regular baby sitters must be registered in the club office. There will be no guest fee for registered sitters.

5. All children 6 years and over must demonstrate their swimming ability to the satisfaction of the pool staff before being permitted in the deep end of the pool. Qualifications include the swimmer being able to swim the length of the pool, treading water for thirty seconds, and showing enough confidence to satisfy the instructor.

Guest Rules

1. Guests are to be accompanied by a member while using the pool facilities. Members are responsible for signing in as well as for the conduct of their guests.

2. Guest fees are $8.00 for adults and children over age 6. You may arrange for a weekly house guest fee ($28.00 per guest) at the club office. House guest privileges exceeding two weeks must be submitted to the Pool Chairman for approval.

3. Members are entitled to invite non-family guests., except house guests and babysitters, one time per week.

4. Guest fees will not be charged for immediate family members (including grandchildren) and baby sitters as long as the member has registered them in advance with the club office.