Platform Tennis Rules

Pro Shop Phone Number: 412.963.9626

Club Office Phone Number: 412.963.8331






Evening Paddle Guidelines 


1.      Courts will be available for play anytime.


2.      The Director of Racquet Sports or a designated member of the Racquet Sports Staff shall have charge of all play on the courts and will supervise all playing times.


3.      The Director of Racquet Sports and the Racquet Sports Staff only, are permitted to give racquet instruction on FCRC courts.


4.      Children 8 and younger must not be left unattended in the court area unless they are participating in a club event.


5.      Children not playing platform tennis are not permitted on the courts.


6.      League play, scheduled club events, including tournaments, clinics, men's, women’s, and mixed events will take precedence over normal court scheduling procedures.


7.      Courts can be reserved for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.


8.      A reservation is forfeited after a 15-minute grace period for late arrivals.


9.      As a courtesy to all members, please cancel your court reservation as soon as possible.


10.  Repetitive instances of failure to cancel a reservation may incur loss of reservation privileges.


11.  Consecutive reservations by any twosome or foursome is prohibited.


12.  A junior player is defined as anyone under 18 years of age. Junior players over 12 may sign up for a court according to the same guidelines outlined for adult sign-ups.


13.  All members are reminded to explain the rules and procedures to their guests. Guests must dress appropriately and follow the same guidelines as members.


14.  Guests of members are welcome when playing with members. 


15.  Any individual is limited to one time per week to be a guest of any FCRC member. (League play exempt)


16.  Members are limited to any guests no more than 2 times per week.


17.  Racquet instruction professionals may not be guests of members without prior approval of the Director of Racquet Sports.


18.  The last person leaving the paddle lodge must turn out all lights and heaters, make certain the fireplace is turned off, and check that all exterior doors are locked and secured.


19.  If you elect to use a paddle court on a non-reserved basis, please sign up for the court before you play so others are aware it is in use.


20.  Although platform tennis attire is not held to the same standard as tennis, appropriate tops and bottoms are required to be worn at all times.


1. Under the sponsorship of the West Penn Platform Tennis Association, the Club will field both men's and women's teams to compete in Inter-Club play.

2. Courts for league matches and practices will be reserved by the Director of Racquet Sports and/or assistant pros.

3. Four courts are available for league play. The fifth court is to be set aside for reservations, or walk-ons for recreational play, or lessons with the Club Pro. If the fifth court is not reserved or being used at the time of league play, the league team may use the court. Exception: Wednesday evening women’s league play or for men’s league play when two home teams are playing, all five courts will be used by the teams.