Court Rules and Etiquette

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Tennis Attire 

Tennis Court Use

Junior Play


Club Etiquette 



1. The director of Racquet Sports or a designated member of the Racquet Sports Staff shall have charge of all play on the courts and will supervise all playing times. Members and guests are required to follow the instructions of Staff in regard to tennis facility utilization. Members and guests who disregard instructions by these staff members will be asked to leave the courts. Continuous disregard will result in disciplinary action by the Board of Governors. 

2. Courts will be ready for play from 9:00 am until dusk. All players must register at the Tennis Center before using a court. This rule will ensure fairness of playing time and will facilitate the maximum usage of the tennis courts by the maximum number of members.

3. The tennis staff is not employed to babysit. Small children must not be left unattended in the tennis area. Children not playing tennis are not permitted on the courts. 

4. When booking a singles court, both names must be given. When booking a court for doubles play, four names must be listed.

5. The FCRC policy is that the director of Racquet Sports and the Racquet Sports Staff only are permitted to give racquet instruction on FCRC courts. Other racquet professionals are not permitted to teach on FCRC courts.

6.Please dispose of tennis can tops, paper cups and other trash properly.

7. Since no set of rules can be written to equitably cover the myriad of situations that arise, members are requested to please cooperate in conforming to the spirit of the rules. The Director of Racquet Sports and the professional staff are authorized to interpret the rules as they apply to specific situations. If the Director and the staff deem the situation appropriate, they will defer the situation to the Tennis Committee and Board of Governors. We ask for your cooperation. U.S.T.A  standards of conduct, Standing Order, Article VII, covering court etiquette, fair play, good sportsmanship, etc. apply as a club rule.

Tennis Attire

1. All players are required to wear 80% white tennis attire. Decorative color used appropriately on tennis clothing is acceptable. Questions regarding appropriate attire may be directed to the Director of Raquet Sports.

2. Players must wear smooth-soled tennis shoes. Basketball shoes, waffle-treaded shoes, or running shoes may damage the Har-Tru surface. 

Tennis Court Use

1. Scheduled club events, including tournaments, clinics, men's, women's and mixed events will take precedence over normal court scheduling procedures.

2. There are nine tennis courts available for play. (Courts may be reserved 3 days in advance.) Advance reservations can be made by signing up at the Club website at, or by phoning 412.963.9626 after 9:00 am. Calls coming before 9:00 am will not be honored. Courts are assigned for one-hour or 1-1/2 hours. Tennis courts will be assigned in the order of the amount of play on each court. Requests for a specific court will be permitted, but may be refused due to the amount of play or maintenance work.

3.A member may make only one advance reservation per day. A reservation is forfeited after a 10 minute grace period for late arrivals. Courts cannot be reserved on the same day by the same foursome or the same twosome under different names. Please cancel your reservation if you are not able to play.

4. Court 3 is reserved for tennis instruction. It may be used for general play only when approved by the Director. Use of the automatic ball machine is available on court 9 and is also under the direction of the Director.

5. Play shall be with either three or four balls. Six balls may be used during warm-up. A ball hopper is permitted only on courts 3, and 9, or when the adjacent court is vacant. 

Junior Play

1. A junior player is defined as anyone under 18 years of age. Junior players may sign up for a court according to the guidelines outlined for adult sign-ups.

2.Junior players are encouraged to play tennis during the week from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Juniors may sign up for a tennis court and may not be bumped except on weekdays after 5:00 pm, and all day on weekends and holidays. Junior players are generally scheduled on courts 8 and 9.


1. All members are reminded to explain the rules and procedures to their guests. Do not embarrass your guests by not advising them of these regulations. Guests must dress appropriately and follow the same tennis attire guidelines as members.

2. Guests of members are welcome when playing with members. Guest fee is $8.00 per guest. Members must use discretion in inviting the same guest. Guests (except visiting out of town guests) are limited to three visits per month, regardless of whose guest they may be. Failure to register your guest will result in your being bumped, the imposition of an additional penalty, and/or other disciplinary action.

3. When signing in your guest, please register your name, your membership number, the date, and the name of your guest at the Tennis Center. Your guest must be registered before playing. Please indicate if your guest is a junior player. Our tennis staff has been instructed to make every effort to ensure that all guests are registered. Please be helpful when asked for names, etc.

4. Racquet instruction professionals may not be guests of members without prior approval of the Director of Racquet Sports or the Club Manager. 

Club Etiquette 

1. Proper tennis attire, as determined by the Tennis Director, is required at all times.

2. Do not walk across someone's court. Use the gate whenever possible. Proceed quickly and quietly to assigned court.

3. Do not interrupt play while a point is in progress. Do not retrieve your ball from another court. 

4. Return balls that roll onto your court immediately after you finish your point.

5. Do not return serves that are faults.

6. Make sure your calls are quick and clear. If you are not sure, the ball is considered good.

7. Do not make calls on your opponent's side.

8. Do not have sustained conversations on your court; it will bother the next court over.

9. After a match, shake hands with your opponent and thank them for playing.

10. Each of us should do our part to keep the courts and club area neat and clean. Please pick up towels, paper cups, cans, etc.