The number one reason kids want to play a sport is to have fun. Our emphasis is on PLAYING and FUN, and keeping kids active and involved through a variety of games and activities! The children have a great time while learning physical skills, sportsmanship, social skills and a healthy lifestyle all at the same time. We have kids "Play to Learn," rather than "Learn to Play." Research has shown that early, positive experience in sports creates a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle.

We try to give kids their game and not professionalize their activity. No matter what your child's age, from 4 to 18, whether their goals are to get a college scholarship as a tennis player OR just to have fun playing a healthy, social sport, this is the right, fun, safe place for them to be.





Schedule all private lessons by contacting the Pro directly:
Director Scott Kahler
412.848.4848 scott@foxchapelracquetclub.com        $75/hour
Assistant Kelly Fischer
412.292.1821 Kelly@foxchapelracquetclub.com        $70/hour
Lessons with Tennis Staff contact Scott or pro shop  $65/hour
Need a fourth for doubles or a hitting partner?       
Junior Instructors are available for $40 per hour.







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